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Mama Jakotsu
By kira

For vexed… Happy Bday with love…


Jakotsu was sitting in the grass, his face turned towards the warmth of the sun when a shadow fell across him. Thinking it was Bankotsu, his voice took on a husky lilt, "Wanna nookie?" He cracked open an eye at the resulting squeak. "Oh, hi, Shippou!" he smiled.

"Hi…" Shippou blinked. His beloved Butterfly just asked him to nookie, whatever that was.

Jakotsu giggled as he moved to that he could face the kit. "Are you oaky, Shippou?"

Shippou nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

"Got any candy?"

The kit shook his head. Finding his voice, he asked, "What's nookie?"

Jakotsu giggled. "Uh, forget I said that, I thought you were Bankotsu."

"Oh…" Shippou rolled his eyes at the mention of that stupid Weasel's name.

"Come're." Jakotsu held out his arms and Shippou settled happily onto his lap. He ruffled the kit's hair. "So what have you been up to? I missed you, cuz you were away so long."


Jakotsu nodded.

"Nothing much," Shippou said, answering his earlier question. "That stupid Inuyasha ate all the candy so Kagome had to go back to her village to get more. I wish she'd hurry up."

"Yeah, me too. I like those soft gushy things that look like cat heads." Jakotsu smiled. "Those are good!"

"You mean the 'Hello Kitty' marshmallows? I like those too!" Shippou grinned. The best thing about those was that stupid Weasel, Bankotsu, hated them. So Shippou could give them all to his beloved Butterfly without worrying that the Weasel would eat them. He hated whenever Jakotsu shared his treasures with the Weasel, so finding something that only Jakotsu liked was an unbelievable stroke of luck.

"Yeah?" Jakotsu smiled. He hugged the little kit. There was something about him that brought out Jakotsu's nurturing side, such as it was, and he was glad he could have a rare moment alone with the kit to indulge it. Jakotsu softly sang a bawdy drinking song as a make-shift lullaby as he rocked from side to side.

Shippou ate the attention up. His beloved Butterfly was cuddling him and singing to him, like Mama used to. Suddenly the world did not seem so scary anymore and Shippou sighed contentedly. The fact that the Weasel was nowhere to be found was "gravy" as Kagome would say. Feeling safe, he let his heavy eyelids slowly droop close.  It was not long before Shippou had drifted off to sleep.

As he sang, Jakotsu nuzzled his cheek against the top of Shippou's head. He had vague memories of his mother doing the same thing to him when he was little. Doing it to the kit, made him feel happy and carefree, and for one brief shining moment he was able to forget he was a mercenary and imagine instead, he and Bankotsu were a little family with the kit as their child.

"Hey, Sweetness, whatchya doing?" Bankotsu called out to him as he walked over to his paramour.

"Sssh…" Jakotsu said softly, "You'll wake the baby..."

Wake the baby…? "Jakotsu, are you alright?" Bankotsu quickened his pace. He hunkered down in front of the fey cross-dresser. 'What's he doing here?"

"He came to visit and no, he didn't bring any candy."

"Oh… So why are you ummm…" Bankotsu waved his hand helplessly at him, "You know, holding him like a baby?"

"Cuz he is a baby."

"He's a pain in the ass." Bankotsu sighed at the murderous look his paramour shot him. "My older brothers thought I was a pain in the ass too." Apparently that was the right thing to say as Jakotsu's expression softened.

"You must have been really cute when you were little."

"I was, but anyway, put him down and let's go, Sweetness."

"Why? So the others can beat him and-"

"Does he look like anyone hurt him?"

"No…" Jakotsu frowned. "But he's told me stories about Inuyasha hurting him."

"I used to fight with my brothers all the time."

"Your point?" Jakotsu said testily.

"My point being, you can't keep him; it'll just make the others come looking for him and then we'll have a big fight on our hands."

"So? When have we backed down from a fight?"

"True." Bankotsu leaned forward and kissed his paramour. "But this time we have to… for his sake. You don't want him caught in the middle of it, do you?"

"No…" Jakotsu sighed.

"I promise I'll make it up to you, Sweetness. I don't know how, but I will." Bankotsu shrugged. "Maybe I can find you a cat or something to mother."

Jakotsu smiled. "I already got him…"

"Yeah and I said you can't keep him. I'm really sorry, Sweetness."

"I know…" Jakotsu said softly. He kissed the top of Shippou's head and briefly held him close, before lying him down in the grass. As he did so, Shippou's eyes fluttered open.


Jakotsu made a little comforting sound as he gently stroked the kit's cheek. "Sssh… everything's okay, little one…" Jakotsu sighed. He got up, and giving Shippou one last look, he turned on his heel and hurried after Bankotsu. He hoped his little friend would be alright, lying there, but when Bankotsu reached out to fondle his butt, Jakotsu promptly forgot about the little kit. His first loyalty was to Bankotsu and he listened intently to all the things he wanted to do to him, once they got back to their camp.

As they disappeared from sight, Inuyasha and the others found the little kit. After making sure he was alright, Kagome gave him the candy she brought back especially for him.  Shippou sat there, happily sucking on a lollipop, while he made plans, in his head, to meet up with his Butterfly again. With booty like this, he picked up the bag of Hello Kitty marshmallows; there was no way his Butterfly would stay with that stupid Weasel. He smiled as he headed back to camp with them.
Bday gift for a friend
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