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Title: Best Sex Ever
Fandom: Inuyasha
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Bankotsu/Jakotsu
Genres: romance
Warnings: none
Word Count: 666
Summary:  Set in my Modern AU'verse, Ban and Jak finally forgo the use of a condom…


Bankotsu could not believe his ears and he was sure his face betrayed his feelings as Jakotsu giggled. The fey cross-dresser leaned forward, and taking his face in his hands, kissed him. They had been dating for about a year and Jakotsu finally trusted him enough to forgo using a condom. He felt he was about to go through some sort of rite of passage, and as much as he wanted to pound Jakotsu into the futon, it made Bankotsu pause. He was finally getting to do something that that idiot Naraku, Jakotsu's previous boyfriend from a disastrous relationship, had taken for granted, and it had all the pomp and circumstances that normally surrounded losing one's virginity. Feeling like a teen again, Bankotsu hoped he would be able to perform.

Jakotsu, coming off that relationship, had all these rules for engagement that Bankotsu often found stupid and pointless. But he had fallen so head over heels in love with him, that Bankotsu willingly put up with them. Things may have been frustrating to the max, but that was about to change in a heartbeat. Breaking the kiss, Bankotsu could not help asking, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Jakotsu laughed. "Ban honey," he began, "if I didn't love you before, I think after what you just said…" Jakotsu looked away, his eyes bright with unshed tears. "I…"

Bankotsu snorted. "Shut up and kiss me," he said, trying to chase away the awkwardness that was threatening to settle between them.

"With pleasure…" Jakotsu purred.  Closing his eyes, he leaned in, kissing him softly, gently at first, deepening it when he felt Bankotsu's tongue trying to part his lips. As they kissed, his fingers deftly unbuttoned Bankotsu's shirt. He wanted him and he wanted him now, before he panicked and lost him forever. Jakotsu knew he had heaped a ton of bullshit on him, more out of fear than any else, but it was also the kind of stuff that would have sent anyone else running for the hills. But Bankotsu's patience and simple acceptance did a lot to help chase away those fears, and Jakotsu finally felt ready to be loved and cherished again.

Pushing Bankotsu's shirt off his shoulders, Jakotsu broke the kiss. He never tired of looking at his boyfriend's body, which was slim and wiry like his own; his hard musculature covered in skin the color of milk tea. Jakotsu's hands seemed pale in comparison as they explored his body.

Several kisses later, they were both naked and Jakotsu was lying on his back, his knees drawn up to his chest while Bankotsu lubed him up. A couple of minutes later, he was feeling the well lubed head of his boyfriend's cock pushing against his tight entrance. Bankotsu was deliciously slow as he pushed his way in, giving Jakotsu time to adjust to his girth.

Bankotsu moaned softly as he began to develop his rhythm. Jakotsu's tightness always felt good, but this time it felt so much better without a condom in the way. Even the feel of his cock as it rubbed along Bankotsu's stomach was better as it was bare too. Thrusting in and out, Bankotsu picked up the pace as they both inched closer to their release.

Jakotsu lifted his hips, meeting Bankotsu half way with every stroke. He would be at a loss to explain it afterwards, but this was turning out to be the best sex he ever had and he loved Bankotsu all the more for it. Unable to hold off any longer, he started to cum, spewing his hot essence between them with a loud moan.

Jakotsu's climax pushing him over the edge, Bankotsu came too. Collapsing onto Jakotsu as he came down from his sexual high, he pulled out of him to roll onto his back. Looking over at Jakotsu, he said, "That was…"

"Every dammed cliché in the book, hunh?"

"Yup!" Bankotsu grinned.

"I'm glad we waited for this."

"Me too…"

They kissed…
Written for LJ's Hentai Contest
JainaNaberrie Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
Oh wow that was sexy, very well written too. ;)
kiramaru7 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
:blush: Thanks! I'm sooo glad you liked it! :D
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October 5, 2012
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